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Legal Support for Your Nonprofit (BBL)

Do you ever have legal questions about your work, like:

- how to legally register/operate in foreign countries?

- understanding your tax reporting obligations?

- trademark, branding or copyright questions?

- confusion about personnel policies?

- the right format for MOUs/legal agreements with different types of partners, branches, or affiliates?

Bring your lunch to come learn about how the Georgetown Social Enterprise and Nonprofit Law Clinic can help your organization by addressing these and other questions.

This brown bag lunch presentation will include a discussion of the legal services offered by student and supervising attorneys in the Social Enterprise and Nonprofit Law Clinic at Georgetown Law.

The presenters are Amanda Spratley, the Clinic's visiting director and Clinical Teaching Fellows, Tyra Blew and Sunitha Malepati.

These and other questions will be discussed:

- What legal questions are frequently raised in your organization?

- Have you worked with a lawyer before? What was positive about the experience, and what could have been improved?

- How familiar are you with pro and low bono legal services offered in the DMV?

Hub member Accountability Lab recently had a great experience working with a team from this clinic and recommends them to others.