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Localizing OpenGov & Open Data After the Arab Spring

  • OpenGov Hub 1110 Vermont Avenue Northwest, Suite 500 Washington, DC, 20005 United States (map)

The OpenGov Hub is pleased to host this brown bag lunch (BBL) discussion on the challenges and opportunities of open government reforms and open data in transitioning contexts, with Tunisia post-Arab Spring as a live case example. The presentation and discussion will be led by visiting fellow Chiheb Bouchnak, head of the open government reform in Tunisia's Office of the Presidency. 

Chiheb will present on his efforts to get Tunisia's various government ministries to publish their data and information based on international open data standards. He will also discuss his efforts to bring various parties to the table to promote open data and open government, across various levels of government, civil society and the private sector. He is also interested in broader local-level open government efforts across the Middle East/North Africa and beyond. 


Bring your lunch and join us in our Rome Conference Room for stimulating food for thought and baked treats.

About the Presenter

Chiheb manages the Tunisian Open Government program in the e-Government Unit with the Presidency of Tunisia. He is also head of the Tunisian eGovernment Society, an NGO that is dedicated to promoting the implementation of evidence-based policeis to transform the public sector through digital technology. He believes that democracy and transparency are still in their early stages in Tunisia, and that young professionals should keep engaging to go deeper and faster in promoting openness. He has organized a number of activities addresses these issues including Tunisia's 2015 hackathon. He sees opening data at the local level as one of the key areas to be addressed urgently in Tunisia. He would like to learn how communities work together and involves citizens in the decision making process to find a model to use in his local community. 

As a visiting fellow in Washington, Chiheb hopes to learn more about other efforts to promote open government and open data at local levels and with real impact, and how to coordinate these efforts across various actors in and out of government, civil society and the private sector.