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How Can You Measure Organizational Effectiveness? Linking Capacity Building with Performance

  • Open Gov Hub 1110 Vermont Ave NW Suite 500 Washington, DC 20005 USA (map)

A challenge capacity building programs have longed faced is the lack of leading indicators for capacity building. In other words, the field has not been able to directly predict how or, even if, organizational and technical capacity development leads to improved performance or results.

The Cooperative Capacity Framework solves this problem. The framework consists of five, measurable organizational states that correlate to performance. Our experience with the framework tells us that as organizations move up to a higher state, their performance, by any stakeholder indicator, at least doubles. 

At this brown bag lunch, we will present an overview of the model along with illustrations of organizational performance for each of the states. 

This presentation is a first in a potential series that applies the cooperative capacity framework to organizations, partnerships, and finally, the international development sector network.

A few key questions to guide the discussion:

  • Is the model clear? What did you hear or feel that was noteworthy?

  • Is the case made for connecting state to performance?

  • What do you like, what don’t you like so far about the model and examples?

  • Might this be useful? What more would you need to find this useful?

Frank Page is the CEO and majority partner in Cooperative Capacity Partners, a startup company dedicated to creating a world of highly collaborative international partnerships led by home countries. Frank has over 25 years’ experience in development, which includes facilitating organizational assessments, facilitating management capacity building, and building interagency partnerships in Southeast Asia.