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More Effective & Fun Meetings (for small biz & nonprofits)

Presented by Open Gov Hub this fun lunch-and-learn workshop will teach you easy and effective ways to brainstorm, agree, and collaborate.

About this Event

This "learning lunch" event is built on a philosophy of learn-by-doing and is geared for a small-biz and non-profit audience. Lunch will be provided. You'll come away with engaging, practical meeting techniques that you can use every day.

As such, this is not a lecture and there will be no PowerPoint. This workshop will teach you innovative new ways to brainstorm, find agreement, and collaborate. Use these easy techniques with your own team, when meeting with partners, or working with a community.

In addition, the interactive format gives you a chance to engage with and learn from other participants.


  • 12:00-12:30 - Lunch and Structured Networking

Lunch will be provided by the Open Gov Hub (or bring your own). Also, try out some low-risk activities to meet others and find productive common ground, start your brainstorming, and learn techniques to keep your own meetings from listlessly bogging down before their "official" start time.

  • 12:30 - Official intro: Review of objectives, rules and schedule (lunch continues)

  • 12:45 - Opposite Visioning

How can we better frame our challenges so as to develop better solutions? Working collaboratively, attendees will use this "stage-setting" technique to shape objectives and promote sharing and learning from each other.

  • 1:15 - Rapid Ideation

How can we get big, fresh ideas from a group -- and do it quickly while also preventing one person from dominating the meeting? Try this when coming up with new products, features, marketing or fundraising tactics, conceiving of partnerships, or even when doing big-picture strategic planning.

  • 1:40 - Applying Lessons Learned

Work on applying the leanings from the workshop to your own project, team, or organization.

  • 1:50 - Closing and Adjournment

About the Instructor

Lee Gimpel is the founder of Better Meetings and does meeting design, training and facilitation with a focus on improving engagement, effectiveness and fun.

About the Location

The workshop is presented by the Open Gov Hub, a co-working community in Washington, D.C. and a network of organizations promoting transparency, accountability, and civic engagement around the world.

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