What is Open Gov?

These images are from Hub Member's Open Government Partnership and their report entitled The Skeptic's Guide to Open Government, which highlights the benefits and impacts of open gov.


Who runs Open Gov Hub?


Is this an incubator?

Technically speaking Open Gov Hub is not a separate legal entity but rather is considered an initiative of its two founding NGOs, Global Integrity and Development Gateway. These two organizations co-operate the Hub, managing its financial and legal obligations, while the Open Gov Hub team (link to team page) is housed within Global Integrity.


No, we are not a start-up incubator in the classic sense in that the Hub does not directly invest in its member organizations and grow their work, and almost all our of members are nonprofits or NGOs, not businesses. Rather, the Hub seeks to bring together both small and medium-sized organizations working on the broader open government agenda and to support them through access to shared essential resources, as well as regular collaboration and learning opportunities.