Our Approach

The Open Gov Hub is a nonprofit social enterprise that supports a network of over 40 organizations working worldwide. There are three core components of what we do to support our member network and partners, as well as fulfilling our mission of working together to empower citizens.



We offer world-class coworking and other essential services to our member organizations, including staff support with Events, Communications, IT, and more. This helps our members save time and money (an average of $14,000 per year per organization) and work more efficiently by accessing pooled resources. We estimate that our members save thousands per year from these forms of operational and administrative support.



We run a huge variety of one time and ongoing programs to active connections within our network and beyond, in order to help us catalyze collaboration and be far more than the sum of our parts. In practice, this means that we convene an average of 3 events per week, from social activities like happy hours and Waffle Wednesdays, to panels, skillshares, workshops, mapathons, and more. About half of our programs are exclusively for members, while the other half are open to the public. 



As the Open Gov Hub network and knowledge base has grown, so too has our ability to offer a unique bird's eye perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the global open government movement. As such, in 2018 we began to formalize and expand our activities with external partners. 


If you are interested in learning more about how we intentionally design our activities to maximize collaborations, check out our Strategy. You can also see our 2017 Year in Review and 2016 Year in Review to read about what we've been learning on creating an environment that is conducive to collaborations and how we've adapted over time.