Shared Community Values of the OpenGov Hub 

The OpenGov Hub is a unique place where diverse yet like-minded organizations and individuals dissatisfied with the status quo can innovate, learn, and collaborate together to radically accelerate government openness and citizen participation around the world.


We are a diverse community that includes: international development and domestic practitioners, researchers and activists, junior and senior professionals, social changemakers, policy entrepreneurs and governance advocates all working together to transform how governments and citizens connect all around the world. 


As a community, we collectively work toward making government and public policy making more efficient, transparent, accountable, and participatory across the globe.

HOW WE DO IT & What we value

As a community, we value...

1.      OpenGov In All Its Forms: We value open government/governance work in its all forms, including but not limited to work on transparency, accountability, combating corruption and promoting citizen/civic engagement and participation.

2.     The Power of Collaboration: We value the power of community and collaborative efforts and strive to coordinate and collaborate on issues large and small, so that the impact of our collective work may be greater than the sum of its individual parts. 

3.     The Possibilities for Innovation: We value innovative and effective approaches to tackling complex social, political, and economic challenges. We aren't satisfied with the status quo in our fields and are working to do things differently and better. This includes but is not limited to effectively using technology, systems thinking, iterative/adaptive approaches, and creating safe learning environments where organizations can learn from mistakes and failures.

4.     The Need for Constant Learning: We strive to create and maintain a community of learning where we regularly share experiences with one another to make our efforts more effective and impactful.

5.     The Importance of Greater Impact: Recognizing the need for greater openness and transparency to improve lives at home and around the globe, we strive to be the center of learning, innovation and collaboration for the open government/governance community.