Our Impact

Whether at the coffee bar in person at our large shared office, during our events, on our member Slack channels, or in other ways, every day our members are sharing resources and connecting, and collaborating with each other in small and big ways to have greater social impact.

At the same time, the Open Gov Hub team constantly works to facilitate an environment that is conducive to collaborations across our network, and we regularly curate connections and collaborations.


Member organizations

Our members range in issue area, scope, and geography, but we're all striving to make the world more just. 



events per year

We are constantly organizing a range of events for the public and our members so we can innovate, learn from and with each other, develop new skills, and work together to achieve greater social impact.



countries members work in

Not only do our members work in this many countries, but we have two global affiliate Open Gov Hubs in Nepal and Liberia, with plans to open more in the near future. Check out our Where We Work map (coming soon).


And here are just some of the ways we all work together to empower citizens and open governments around the globe. Stay tuned for a network visualization of our Hub network detailing the shared topics many of our groups work on.

Featured Current Collaborations

Defending Democracy: Lessons from Around the World

This is a collaboration between Open Gov Hub, Global Integrity, and Sunlight Foundation in partnership with Transparency International. The goal is to support American democracy advocates facing growing challenges to the health of American democracy by helping learn from other countries’ experiences defending democracies in distress. It focuses on three themes: combating corruption, preserving civic and press freedom, and protecting free and fair elections. This program features an ongoing events series called Democracy Dialogues and an online case study library. Learn more here.

DC and Liberia Open Gov Hubs Staff Swap

The Open Gov Hub in DC and our affiliate Hub in Monrovia, Liberia are partnering on a staff swap program to better connect Hubs across the Global North and South, learn from one another, and deepen collaborations. Our teams will physically visit each other's Hubs and run joint events and virtual exchanges.

Global Giving Shared Space Partnership

The Open Gov Hub has a shared space partnership with its office neighbor Global Giving, the world’s first crowdfunding platform that connects individual donors to support grassroots projects around the world.  We also occasionally partner on events on topics of shared interest, like nonprofit management issues.

Ongoing Shared Staffing

Numerous organizations within the Hub network partner with each other to share staff. Read our Stories of Collaboration post about this.

Skillshares and Working Groups

The Open Gov Hub supports several ongoing collaboration groups with its members that each meet monthly, including Skillshare groups on Communications, Innovation, and Operations, plus Working Groups focusing on Open Data, Closing Civic Space, Adaptive Learning, and Local Open Government.