A Special Global Gathering: First-Ever Global Affiliate Hubs Retreat

What happens when you gather 10 social change leaders from 8 countries and 4 different continents to spend 4 days learning about how to run better civic innovation hubs?

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Defending Democracy Dialogue Recap: Tactics to Protect Civic Space

The goal of this event was to share emerging lessons from other countries — particularly India and Russia — and apply them to the American context of backsliding democracy.

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Community Catalysts Needed!

Have a bit of time to spare this Fall? Apply to join our team and global community of changemakers.

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Our Homegrown Co-working Innovation: Curbing Ghost Meetings/No-Shows

One of our awesome members found an innovative, low-cost solution to an age-old coworking problem.

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Watch the Spring 2019 Ignite Talks

On May 5, 2019 at our 5th year Anniversary, Open Gov Hub hosted a Lightning Talk event featuring three speakers passionate about civic engagement, public oversight, and transparency in politics.

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Launching Open Gov Stories: New Global Podcast Series!

Announcing the launch of our new Global Podcast Series: Open Gov Stories!

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