Stories of Collaboration at Open Gov Hub

Sometimes the very thing you need is right under your nose, or so the saying goes. And in a coworking community like the Open Gov Hub, there have been numerous cases where Hub organizations have achieved objectives or resolved long-standing problems through cross-collaboration with members from other teams. The shared values that bring members to the Hub have become a critical part of organizations’ progress and productivity, facilitating the transmission of valuable skills and knowledge.

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Open Gov Advocates Meet with Chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration in Albania

On June 25, Chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration Mrs. Monika Kryemadhi and her colleagues visited the Open Gov Hub in Washington, D.C.

The Hub hosted Chairwoman Kryemadhi to learn about her priorities and challenges and discuss how she can help advance open government issues in Albania through collaboration with international NGOs.

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Introducing Our Guide to Great Events!

We’re excited to introduce our brand new Guide to Great Events - featuring the Great Events Pledge, Toolkit of Event Types, and more!

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What You Need to Know about Digital Rights: a RightsCon Debrief

By Kristi Arbogast, Communications and Operations Associate at Open Gov Hub

With inboxes overflowing with new privacy policy notices in light of the now-in-effect General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union, it seemed even more vital to gather technologists, policy makers, activists, and academics together at RightsCon in Toronto the other week. Here are my 4 takeaways from the various panels I attended on bots, governance, data privacy, artificial intelligence for the Sustainable Development Goals, and algorithmic accountability.

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March, April, and May ICYMI Event Roundups

Have you missed out on some of our key events the past few months? Here's our takeaways from each and every event we've held, from talks on corruption, website development, and digital rights. Dig in, learn something new, and let us know what you think!

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When and Why Development Fails

The Open Gov Hub convened leading experts to discuss why so many governments struggle to deliver basic services to their people, and how international development practitioners can better support the building of governments’ capacities, in light of the recent book Building State Capability.

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